HiWitronics is Partner in the European Project SYS2WHEEL funded under the Horizon 2020 framework. Hiwitronics develops in this Project Solutions for acquiring relevant data in the wheels and supplying the corresponding sensors with the patented Hiwitronics Energy harvesting device. The measurement data are sent wirelessly to Controllers on the Vehicle.


FFG funded (national Project)
The aim is to consider the entire process of temperature-controlled transport, including environmental conditions and route scenarios, in terms of integrated energy management – with the aim of maximizing the range of the vehicle with maximum availability of the cooling function.

Hiwitronics develops contactless methods to monitor the temperature distribution in the cargo bay of delivery Vans.


HiWiTronics: Verein zur prinzipiellen Untersuchung von Hi-fidelity wireless Elektronik-Lösungen
Voltia AT GmbH
IESTA, Institut für Innovative Energie- und Stoffaustauschsysteme
Technische Universität Wien